How are you 0¿0

These messages...

...Will soon repeat.

...Just so you know.

Do not think...

...that this site is broken.

because, it is not...

and lets be honest...

Nobody likes broken sites.

No, seriously.

I know somebody...

Named Nobody...

and he likes broken sites.

He is so weird.

This site is not broken...

but, it may need updated...

Please forgive me :(

If you are still here...


now step away!

go for a walk.

breathe fresh air.

drink too much coffee.

play with a puppy.

come pick me up.

just kidding.

or am i...

go talk to a stranger.

hey wait!

i am a stranger.

talk to me!

send me an email.

i promise to reply.

whatever you do...

do it well...and...

Enjoy your day :)


I’m a curious designer with an investigative body of work. I have passion for color, smells, culture, the real and the surreal, the known and the unknown. In my work I believe in exploring and improvising with both digital and analogue technologies. I firmly believe design should be a great, unexpected experience.

*Currently Designer in Residence at metaLAB (at) Harvard.

Cheers » Marshall Lambert » The Marshall Creative